Import Solutions

The White Rose Group offer guidance and advice when importing to Iran. According to “Trading Economics” Iran imports more than 77000 USD million a year. It has become a ...
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Export Solutions

If you want to import your goods from Iran, the White Rose Group and partner Tehran Nasim make sure you receive the best consultancy possible in order to import the right goods (to find the ...
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Custom Brokerage

We offer a full package of services to ensure your trade with Iran is smooth, fast, cost-effective and unique to your needs. As well as providing licensed customs house brokerage, customs clearance ...
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Supply Chain Solutions

An efficient and cost effective supply chain is essential for all businesses and organisations to create return on investment, the greatest possible profits, and a memorable service for the customer. ...
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Cement and Clinker

Iran is one of the richest countries in terms of mineral resources and is ranked among the top 5 producers of Cement and Clinker in the world, with over 75 million tonnes produced ...
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Building Construction

For over 20 years the White Rose Group has provided a renowned building consultancy in Iran. The building and construction industry is one of the major resources in Iran and we offer a ...
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Trade with Iran

At the White Rose Group, we have been preparing for this imminent change for some time now. Our team of specialists is in place for companies needing assistance with Iran foreign trade and in ...
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Shipping to Iran

The White Rose Group via our logistics and freight shipping company in Iran, Tehran Nasim International Forwarding, provides comprehensive and expert freight forwarding services ...
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