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The White Rose Group offer guidance and advice when importing to Iran. According to “Trading Economics” Iran imports more than 77000 USD million a year. It has become a lucrative centre for trade as International business continues to be on the increase. Negotiating services within foreign cultures can be challenging if you are uncertain about where and how you can access the most profitable distributors, producers, structured logistics and services from the most reputable and quality companies.  We will help you from the beginning and we can also guide you on the most useful products to import into Iran – for maximum return on investment. In the same way we can help you find the right producer in Iran.


We now partner with over 50 high profile trading companies and this figure is likely to rise in the next year.  It is this powerful network that has made us unique amongst our competitors and invaluable to thriving International business.


To get an idea of the type of imports which thrive in Iran take a look at the table below. Irans main imports are (in terms of total imports):


  • Non-electrical machinery - 17%
  • Iron and steel – 14%
  • Chemicals and related products – 11%
  • Transport vehicles – 9%
  • Electrical machinery, tools and appliances – 7%


Iran is a thriving trading centre and has global import partners. The main partners are United Arab Emirates and China. Annual rice consumption in Iran stands around 2.8 million tons, which exceeds the domestic production, therefore more than 500,000 Tons of rice is imported from India and Pakistan every year. As well as importing more than 5 million tons of wheat from Russia, Kazakhstan (central Asia), Turkey, and etc.


How to get started


If you are an organization currently committed to business with Iran or if you are considering entering into the expanding Iran markets, our experience in International logistics, freight forwarding, trade and Custom Brokerage is second to none. Your business is our business. Contact us for further guidance and advice.


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For more information on any of our services, please fill in
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The White Rose Group looks forward to hearing from you.